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altopiano degli andossi • lago di montespluga


January 22, 2022

Altopiano degli Andossi , Rifugio Alpino MaiTardi, 1800 mt.

In the late afternoon the white, cloudy sky is darkening soon.

The misty freezing air erases the mountain tops, the beauty of the surrounding landscape is brown and white.

January 23

Lago degli Andossi, 2060 mt.

The path that leads from Rifugio MaiTardi to the small Lago degli Andossi is covered with patches of ice and snow. The walk is easy but the lake in wintertime is invisible, under the snow.

Lago di Montespluga, 1908 mt.

As we drive towards the dam, nature is silent. Everything is frozen, white sky and icy lake.

The line that separates the mountain from the water has disappeared. Nobody is there. Nature is still and sleeps under ice and frozen snow. A spell is cast on the small village, a winter sleep surrounds us.


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